We were born to evolve with you. No matter what changes

We want to accompany you in this new stage, looking forward to the future and showing you a new way to grow and evolve. Wewant to grow with you, conveying a sense of security and trust. Because yes, your life is going to change, but we’re here to help make it a change for the better.

The high chair that evolves with you

The Sapling high chair is a seat with an evolutionary design that grows alongside your child. Its height adjustable seat and footrest allow you to move easily from high chair to chair, thereby accompanying you throughout your life.

The curves that mark the compass

The Swig mini crib has a characteristic curved design that allows it to rock gently, enveloping your baby in a sweet sleep.
What’s more, once your baby outgrows its crib, it can
become a desk and stool, extending its useful life and contributing to a more sustainable form of design

We want to flow with you

Because when you have children, suddenly it feels like everything has changed: your life, your home, your time ….

We want to help you to start this change as part of a natural evolution, whether there is no right or wrong way, no ‘must’s or ‘must not’s … it’s simply about setting off on the road and learning as you go.

A crib full of dreams

This is not just a crib it’s much more. The Wave crib is an evolutionary piece of furniture that transforms from crib to bed to desk, adapting to your needs at any time.

The best partner for change

The Gloss mini crib is designed to start this big change with you, but it’s not just for the start. It will accompany you all along this path, becoming a desk that will stay with you for life.

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    About us

    We are Hector and Luca, creators of Nu. A pair of restless minds, driven by the idea of creating a community with a contemporary vision of how to handle motherhood and fatherhood.

    We do more than furniture. Our extensive experience in the field of industrial design and childcare has led us to this continual search for the balance between design and functionality.

    We imagine the path and though we know it’s not easy, we try to offer solutions through our creativity to make it original, different and practical.